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Wondering if anyone out there has any experience with the Heart Interface - automatic power inverter. I have the model ems 2800 and am having troubles with it. Input and suggestions would be welcomed. Also - it has the interior remote control system in the coach. Bill
Power Inverter

Sorry to post this again - answering (at least talking) to myself. I noticed that my inverter is a 2800 watt - granted it is from 1993 and obsolete at best. But then I was also noticing that larger and newer units such as the Holiday Endeaver only has a 1500 watt inverter. I looked at several units from that size and up the larger ones now come with 2000 watt inverters. I am thinking that for my unit (with today's higher efficiency inverters) I should be able to replace my 2800 watt older inverter with a 2000 watt inverter and possibly a 1500 watt unit. Any thoughts on this from you electricians and electronics people out there? Bill


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Power Inverter

Just that the size affects what you can power. If you only need 2000 or 1500 watts, than an inverter of that size will work fine. But if you need more than 2000 watts, they won't provide that much.
Power Inverter

Update!!!! E-Mail to Gulfstream resulted in their response that the freedom model unit 2000 watt will replace the ems 2800. They said the wiring would plug in and match - however I have found that is NOT the case. The old ems 2800 uses plugs for the remote controller similar to computer 9 pin systems and the new freedom unit uses a plug that looks real similar to the phone jack in your house.

I am happy to replace the unit and while I am not done with the installation yet I think it is going to work great. The new freedom is a lot smaller and a lot lighter. I have to re-route the battery cables and install some extensions on both of them to reach the front posts. The freedom comes with a over-temp battery sensor that I am going to install (old one did not have that feature). Then comes the tough part -- snaking the new remote controller wiring through, up and under the walls and into the right spot inside the coach(that should be a challange).

I installed an aluminum plate for the freedom to sit on and bolt it down. I am installing 1/2 inch rubber pads underneath the legs to buffer the road vibration some. So far I have it ready to install the rubber pads and just found them. The input and output ac electrical connections are complete and the ground wiring is finished up. Still need the battery extensions and then the wiring challenge.

I do have another challenge developing - will address that in another topic.

Will keep you posted! Bill
Power Inverter

Update 2.

I just finshed up installing the new inverter. Plugged it in and the thing is working just wonderfully. I still have to run the wiring for the temp sensor to the battery post and also the remote control monitor has not yet arrived. That should be a real thrill - but I am determined to get this done before the weather turns too bad.

As we write - the inverter is topping off my coach batteries and now I don't have to be concerned about that problem.

Happy trails to all. Bill