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My husband and I are new to RVing. We just bought a 1995 Coronado by Fleetwood. The guy we bought it from said that he had the tv set up so that passanger could watch dvds while driving on the road. He no longer is avalible to us.

The manuals tell us that IF a power inverter is installed we can run 120 volt appliances off of the "House" batteries. It does not tell us where this inverter would be installed for us to know where to turn it on.

since the previous owner said he could run the tv and dvd play while on the road, does this not mean that we have an inverter??

What we want to be able to do is run a coffee pot while traveling cross country and staying at a rest stop for a rest.

does anyone know where this power inverter would be if we have one.
Any help would be greatly apprecated.
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Welcome to the forum. Most likely you have an inverter and it is mostly likely in a basement storage compartment. It'll have a lot of wires and blinking lights. How's that for being technical? You should have a switch at the main control center to turn it on. Now about watching DVD's going down the road...if your talking about on the TV mounted in the drivers area...its illegal for this to be on while the coach is moving, that's why they lock it out when you turn the key on. Oh yeah, not all plugs will give you 120 v off the inverter. If Rod (730) can get the sand out of his mouth...he's at the beach he'll be of more help or if Ken can stop selling RV's long enough he'll help. Rod (730) works on RV's for a "living".
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A coffee pot could use to much power for the inverter. You would have to compare the wattage of both.

You should have a generator for those high power appliances like the microwave.

It could be that the previous owner took the inverter with him, too.
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Tex...mine will run the hair dryer....you know those big haired women....its gotta be dry...or it sticks out in funny places.


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now Jim aren't you a little hard on Rod and Ken? You know it's been a long cold hard winter for them and ROD need a little R&R and Ken needs to sell all he can, But rest asure they will respond to the question and your comment. BTW have you left out on your trip ? if so I hope you aren't heading up to the bad weather, if so do be careful :)