Power Movers

We are thinking of purchasing either a power mover or power caster to position our work trailer. We just purchased a Class C motorhome and there is no way that we could back our work trailer into some of the spots. We set up as vendors at dog shows and do onsite embroidery, so the spaces are tight. It wasn't easy getting the work trailer in with a pickup so forget the motorhome. I have seen the powermover and power caster on the internet and was wondering if anyone had any experience or suggestions. Thank you!
Re: Power Movers

I have used a powered TT mover(don't remember the brand) at a dealership I worked at. It wouldn't do well off pavement though. Thats something you would need to take into consideration.
Re: Power Movers

I have talked to the manufacters and they tell me that wet grass or mud is a big problem. As long as the power mover gets traction you are ok, the problem is when the trailer tires sink into the mud. The biggest difference between the units is one has 2 tires and the other has 4 tires so I was hoping someone had some experience. Thanks for your reply.