Power Transfer Switch

Based on what I have read about generators that run but do not pick up the electrical load for the AC units, I suspect that my power transfer switch may need replacement. I need some direction on where to find it. The coach is a 1994 Gulfstream Scenic Cruiser.

Looking the compartment where my shore power cord is I have found two electrical boxes and a Lectra Surge Protector (it has a little red light that is on when there is power). The one box has the 30-amp receptacle that the power cord plugs in to when running on the generator. The other box is at the where the power cord connects to the coach. From this box, there are other wires that distribute the power to the coach. I couldn't find anything that would appear to be the transfer switch but I might not recognize until it jumped up and bit me.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Power Transfer Switch

Have you checked the breakers on the generator? If they have tripped you won't get any juice to the transfer switch! Some of the older gas generators have two 30 amp breakers on the back side of the generator.. you have to look for them...
Power Transfer Switch

If you have a 30amp plug that you have to plug your shorepower cable into, you don't have a power transfer switch. If your breakers are not tripped at the generator then you may have wiring problems or a bad breaker in the power panel. Test for power at the 30 amp plug while genset is running. if you have power there test the power at the panel and see if it is getting to the breakers. If not then check the connectiond at the power cord junction box (some rigs do not have this).
Check your breakers to see if power flows through eack.
If you have checked your breakers on the genset and donot get power to the 30 amp plug you may have to take your rig to a shop that can replace the brushes inside the generator itself. If you have a Cummins dealer near by I would recomend you take it there.


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Power Transfer Switch

S. Harrington is right. Since you plug the cord in to get power from the genset, that is there instead of the transfer relay and power gets to the RV in exactly that same way wheter you are running on the genset or on shore power. Also, that means that if everything works when on shore power, it is then safe to assume that everyting from the power plug on is working as it should.

What kind of genset do you have? An Onan has breakers on it which if open will prevent the supply of power. On a 30A genset there will usually be only one circuit breaker. A genset of 3.5KW is roughly a 30A supply.