Powerstroke VS V-10

Its time to change trucks, but with diesel fuel now (much) higher than gas, I am thinking about going to a F-350 (or 250 HD) with the V-10. Then I read they get lousy mpg. So I think, maybe install a Banks power-pac. We pull a 32’ 5th wheel with a GVWR of 12600 and live in the western US
So my question is if you have experience with such a rig pulling a 5er, do you recommend or not? Anything you would share would be helpful.
Powerstroke VS V-10

Forget the V 10 until 2007. I hear Ford will finally give it some power then. I used a V 10 to haul another dually on a trailer and actually got 4 mpg and it died on hills. Now I have a Duramax getting 20 mpg on interstate, 16-17 locally and 12-13 towing 10,000lb. fifth wheel.
Powerstroke VS V-10

I do not mean to argue with you but... You are apparently a Ford fan to the core. I actually own 2 duramax trucks. An '03 Chev and '04 GMC both 2500HD's. I own an RV dealership and pull trailers of all types all the time. Yes, both trucks will get 20 mpg on the interstate. I do check my mileage each and every fillup. Locally and towing, I do get the mileage I stated.

You are correct in your statement that V10's are used a LOT in motorhomes. Guess what, they seem get better gas mileage in them than they do in pickups. I do not know why, just what I have observed. The 4 MPG was no lie, we watch the gas needle moving. It was in a 2001 SB Cab/chassis with a flat body on it. I was very glad I was just borrowing it.

I have owned three F-350's in the past. I have been in business since 1985 and have had LOTS of trucks. The three Fords, as a whole, were the worst of the bunch. I will admit that one of the 3 was a fairly good one until it got some miles on it. One of Fords was on its 5th clutch at 60K and the transmission had been rebuilt at 23K. Turbos had to be replaced on all three and we were plagued with exhaust leaks. NO, we do not abuse our equipment. When the 5th gear shattered, we were towing 6,000lb. I will actually say that the two best trucks I have had were both Dodges. Sorry, you probably don't like what I am saying but that is why there there are several truck manufactures. In my opionion, thank goodness.
Powerstroke VS V-10

Yep 5. Sorry you don't believe me, I do believe the mechanic was not changing the pilot bearing. He is a jack ass. After I sold the truck, the current owner had to rebuild the transmission again. The main shaft had worn through the bearing and gotten into the flywheel. A new flywheel, clutch, rebuild, and all realated parts, plus labor cost him in the neighborhood of $4000.00

As far as the post you deleted, you can take a road trip with me anytime and use YOUR calculator. It has been a long time since I have been called a liar. All I stated in my first post was that in 2007 Ford is supposed to give the V10 the power it should have. I did not endorse any truck brand. I own GM trucks now, but stated the best trucks I have had have been 2 Dodges. I will not address this again, as this is NOT what I ever intended. Sorry I did not see the FORD ONLY sign on the door.
Powerstroke VS V-10

Oh, yea. Just to clear things up, the clutch work was done at the Ford dealership where the truck was purchased. Sorry mechanics. Oil got changed every 5K. Maintaince was performed.
Powerstroke VS V-10

I would get the PS, once you go diesel, you will probally never go back to gasser. I get 18 to 20 empty and 10-14 towing with my D/A.

Powerstroke VS V-10

Thank you vfox very much for your input. Sorta what I said about my Duramax. I agree, also once you go diesel, you probably won't be happy with gas.