(Pre-Loved) Smaller Class C RVs

I am looking for a 19-20' class c rv. It seems that they are far and few between. Is this assumption correct? I am having a bear of a time finding one, even though I am willing to pay cash. I check my local paper and a ton of websites daily to no avail. any suggestions would be helpful :kiss:

Gary B

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(Pre-Loved) Smaller Class C RVs

Hi Tammi, you are right that size is scarce, most MH's in the length are class B's, you may have to look at them or look at the 22' to 24' class c's. Good luck and keep hunting and looking :bleh:
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(Pre-Loved) Smaller Class C RVs

Thanks for your replies.
I guess I should explain what I am actually goiing to do with the rv.
I am in the process of starting a mobile pet grooming business. I will be working in the unit I buy 4-5 days a week so I need something on the smaller side that I can easily manuever in and out of driveways and through neighborhoods. It also has to be easy to clean, and my husband who is a carpenter will probably be installing a central vac system. I will not be camping or using the unit for pleasure :(
I want to take out the stove/rangetop/sink and install a small raised bathtub, and take out the bed and put my grooming table and supplies in there.
The dinette will also be removed, along with all the carpet, which will be replaced with tile.
A few weeks ago I had a deposit on a really nice 1998 Yellowstone Capri LX with only 36 miles on it. It already had a genset (generac with only 38 hours on it!) and was perfect. At the last minute, the owner sold it out form under me. :angry: Boy was I annoyed. Then he took his sweet time sending my cashiers check back to me. So now I have $, a business plan and no vehicle. :(
Suljer I apprieciate the heads up but I need something not bigger than 20'.

Ed H.

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(Pre-Loved) Smaller Class C RVs

Tammi, if you are looking for a commercial van, go to www.unicell.com and check out the commercial bodies they build. You should be able to get a new one on your choice of Ford or GM chassis for under $30,000. I use mine as a mobile feed store. Feel free to e-mail any questions you might have.