Preparing For an Arizona Freeze (??)

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I'm an RV virgin, having sold my share of property and bought a 30 foot Spirit of America Coachman (27 RBS) and presently in the Tucson area. I hear it can freeze in this area.

Is it necessary to jump through hoops for an occasional deep freeze in the area? Or....can I just keep the furnace going and drip the faucets....will I survive? What do other fulltime RVr's do in Arizona for the winter?

I love the Williams area, near the Canyon, but apparently RVr's need to wrap-up their I wrong? Sierra Vista seems to be an option, but does it freeze there?


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Re: Preparing For an Arizona Freeze (??)

Hey AirDragon, welcome to the forum. Does your RV have enclosed and heated water and black/gray holding tanks? Sierra Vista is much warmer than Williams in the winter, but it can get cold. If you stay in Williams you might want to get electrical heat strips for your water hose and wrap an insulating foam type hose around the heat strip and water hose. Either that or for short periods of cold you can fill you fresh water tank (if heated and enclosed) and then disconnect your fresh water hose and drain the water out of it. Also, if it gets really cold you would want to put foam insulation pads in your vents and reflective insulation on your windows. I have never had any problems in the winter in Tucson. Sierra Vista is up higher in elevation and may get cold occasionally. Williams is even higher in elevation and colder.
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I'm from Sierra Vista. We are about 5000 feet above sea level and as such 8 to 10 degrees cooler than Tucson. In January and early February we do get the occasional freeze where the temp drops into the mid-high 20's. I keep my 5'er next to the garage and keep an electric heater going over night to keep things moving.

In a camp ground, I'd recommend removing the service hose from the CG connection and run off the tank and pump over night when expecting a freeze. Then you can connect once the sun comes up and thaws things a bit.

Williams is not only higher in elevation, but further north than Sierra Vista.

It seldom freezes hard in Tucson, but you do have to watch the weather as it can.

If you want more info send me a private message.

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Re: Preparing For an Arizona Freeze (??)

I've lived in Tucson for over a quarter century, and had RV's there the last 6 years. Usually, when it freezes here (and it does), it is 30 degrees or more, for only a few hours in the middle of the night. Not long enough to do any damage UNLESS YOU HAVE AN ICE MAKER. That cursed little hose runs up right inside the wall and is rumored to be sensitive as the dickens to freezing (makes sense).

So, whenever a freeze is expected, I shut off the icemaker and drain the hose. The only time I did more than that was when it was supposed to get in the mid 20's and even then all I did was drain the lines (the unit was in storage at the time).

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Re: Preparing For an Arizona Freeze (??)

A small wattage light bulb burning in the rear where the ice maker line is exposed will keep it from freezing unless the temp is really low or the bulb blows.
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Good info...thanks!

I guess Tucson for the winter and disconnect the water hose, go internal when it is expected to freeze here. I have no ice maker, and yes I have internal tanks, somewhat exposed underneath, but if it only freezes in Tucson for a couple hours during the night, I think I can get by without taping and wrapping (I hope).

Has anyone stayed at Caballo Loco off Hwy 286? I'm thinking of staying there....

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