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Am I correct in thinking that we should only pay 70% of the MSRP on a 2006 model now? How much are the cost of used units marked up. We are looking at a $17,000 unit which is a 2006. Where do I find the baseline value of this unit? It is a 2006 Forest River Surveyor SV291(BH) I'm thinking the dealer should meet me at 14,000-15,000. They are indicating the MSRP is 18,995. They have priced it at 16,995. I'm still thinking 14,000-15,000. It is a 2006 and 08's are coming out. Any advice on value would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Re: pricing

Yes, Forest River has some issues. Assuming that is not a factor in your decision, treat the trailer price as if the unit were used. Even if it is new, the instant you drive it off the lot it will be used and the used value for that year will apply.

NADA does not list a 291BH for that year, but the standard 291 has an average retail of 16300 and a low retail of 13500 (without any options). So if I was going for this, I might shoot for 14000 or less (seems to be a buyer's market). And get a complete and competant inspection before contracting to buy (it is possible that Forest River warrantee service is not adequate).

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Re: pricing

I guess a lot of dealers do, but I do not mark up the price by percentage. At this point I have 2 new 2006's to sell. I will sell them just about my cost, but it won't be done based on any percentage.