Problem Follow ups

I think it would help each of us, well maybe not Tex, if when someone ask for help, advice, whatever for a problem that they would let us know the outcome. I know I've had similar problems as to those posted, however, I'm not always clear if our opinions or advice helped resolve the problem. What do you think?
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It may be as simple as asking people to let us know so we can all learn from each other. I don't know why I'm bothering. If I have a problem I'm just going to ask Tex...he know everthing. He's my hero. Did I tell you he hummed the Aggie War Hymn to me yesterday. He was way off key but I still enjoyed it. That would be the Texas A & M Aggies. Don't know nuthing bout them Ut aggies.
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You would think that as a courtesy that people would respond to outcomes. I have learned a lot from other peoples problems being listed. And the responses were... well some were informative & some just funny and then there is TEX.
By the way Who is Sallyberetta? :question: :question:
Darlin :cool:
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Hey, this thread was started to hear about your darling bride. On the other hand, like snowbird said, any woman that puts up with the like of us. Back to the thread....less start asking people to give us feedback...I don't care ifin the wheel do fall off.
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I have to say that the help I have received here has been general in nature, but that is important, too. Mainly I have learned that the experienced RVers are also do-it-yourselfers who do not rely on dealers for repairs, who carry tools with them always, and who expect something to go wrong. That's helpful. I do not enjoy doing repair work myself, and I'm not good at it, but I am far more careful than most dealers' mechanics, and much cheaper. I just found a loose connection to my generator left by a careless mechanic. He cleaned an important breaker that I could not have found myself, and that enabled' me to start the generator again, but he left a problem. I'm finding that for every problem solved at a dealer, two are created there. It's like going to the hospital.

So thanks to all for good advice about many RV issues.
Re: Problem Follow ups

It is nice to know the outcome, but very few post it. Maybe as we respond to any questions, we can ask in our response for the OP to please let us know if this information helped. I've begun checking back on threads I've responded to in hopes of seeing solutions or other suggestions. It is nice to know the outcome.