Problems with R-Vision Products


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Has anyone had any problems with R-Vision products? I am looking for any information on electrical issues, air conditioner issues, and battery dead issues.


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Re: Problems with R-Vision Products

We are researching Class B's and the trail lite has caught our eye. Seeing that you have one, would you reccomend them to others or are your having too many problems? Please advise.

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Re: Problems with R-Vision Products

I don't sell them, but they don't track what they install in their trailers. A couple of years ago I needed a bathroom sink for a customer who would not take it back to their dealer. R Vision sent 3 sinks to the man, not a one was a match to what he had. After the 3rd one, they told him that he would have to pay for anymore. He told them that it was not his fault that they could not send the correct one. I finally got him one from Gulf Stream, on the first attempt.

I have heard a lot of similar stories, but that is my only experience with them directly.