Problems with Trail-Lite too?

Rich D.

New Member
I bought a 1998 Trail-Lite Model 7213. It was their first year and they boasted that they used “Race Car Construction”, a sandwich of 1 ½ “ foam and aluminum frame with fiberglass on one side, and plywood on the other. They claim “Superior Strength, Light Weight and Exceptional Durability”. This material is used on the walls, roof, and floor. They offered a five year Structural Warranty, which is the only reason I was willing to buy this new technology from a new company without a track record.
Before my five years were up the floors started to sag BADLY. My visitors were afraid to enter, feeling they would fall through. I took it to a dealer that, after four weeks getting the authorization to repair, did the factory prescribed repair. After another two week, I picked it up but was not happy with the results. The material has broken down and I get the sensation of walking on a pillow with ribs.

The method the dealer did the factory prescribed repair was to add 300 lbs. of plywood and lumber to my underbelly. My complaining that I bought a “Super Lite” trailer and now have lost 40% of my carrying capacity falls on deaf ears. They say that 300 lbs. for the repair was “Reasonable”. I think they believe I should trade it in and let some other sucker buy it, and unknowingly, tow it over its safe GVWR. I didn’t get a new weight sticker and the lumber is hidden it it’s enclosed underbelly.

Has anybody else had similar problems with Trail-Lite?