ProComp tires for towing???

I have been looking around for new tires for my truck (02' F250 4x4) and I found a great deal on some 285 75 16 ProComps. Just wondering if anyone has put some ProComp tires on their rig and how they held up towing a load. How many miles did you get out of them? My trailer is pretty heavy and I have heard both good and bad about these tires, but I want some more info. Got any suggestions
ProComp tires for towing???

If you are pulling a heavy trailer you may want to consider staying with the original size tire, probably LT265/75R-16. You are changing your final drive ratio by upsizing the tires. Trying to get mileage comparison on truck tires is difficult because the way people use trucks varies so greatly. For example, how often you tow, how much you tow, road temperatures, etc. Just too many variables. If you are working with a reputable dealer I would listen to his advice but again, my first concern would be how it will affect your gearing.