Production and Operation Flow of Vacuum Furnace


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Work in the production workshop needs to be done with great care. A little carelessness will have inestimable consequences for life and safety. Especially in industrial production, we all know that Luoyang Kiln Factory is a big factory. The teachers in the experimental electric furnace, high temperature electric furnace, tubular furnace and vacuum furnace are trained and possessed before they go on duty. Certain experience shows the rigor of the production process, so what can be done to minimize the danger point in the specific operation of the vacuum furnace?

Every master of vacuum furnace knows how to start the power supply of vacuum furnace and set the switch of control cabinet at the position of automatic control. The parameters of the vacuum furnace process regulations are input into the computer. The workpiece is then smoothly fed into the furnace with a loading trolley, and the door (cover) is closed and locked to ensure sealing.

The cooling medium, cooling mode and pressure of vacuum furnace should be selected according to the technological requirements. Press the cycle start button, and the equipment executes the program: vacuum heating cooling is automatically completed. Remember to always check whether the equipment system is working properly, and report any abnormalities to the foreman in time. Before discharging, the normal pressure in the furnace should be restored, and the door (cover) should be opened after the indicator lamp is normal. When discharging, careful operation should be taken. No workpiece or tooling should collide with the furnace mouth.

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