propane ac or generator?

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Re: propane ac or generator?

Welcome to the forum Richard. Not sure what you are asking but assuming you want to know if a generator that runs on propane or gas is best. If so I prefer the gas. Are you talking MH or TT? If TT I might opt for propane. Need more info on what you are wanting.


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I suppose that's an old one, rvnation. And OP was asking about conditioners.
The problem with a propane powered A/C would be that as soon as you turned it on, the flame would blow out! Whoooosh!
They actually do have Natural Gas powered Air Conditioning, but electricity still has to be used for it to function.


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In case you're still interested, there's a list of best generators of 2019: These are the best options for RV among inverter generators. Back on topic: some inverter generators, by the way, run on gas too. We need more details in order to help you.
We have a gasoline/propane one from Westinghouse to run our a/c, but I can say - it's possible but not very efficient.
Or do you meaning using battery to run the circulation fan, but using the propane to do the cooling? Still sound tricky to me.


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I think the portable travel trailer generator is our best friend when it comes to having a power source for our 120V AC outlets as well as in charging our RV battery bank. We can also use it in supplying power demand to our microwave, hair dryer and other appliances in the RV.
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