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New to this forum and read almost most posts. Great level headed replys!! Now i'll post my first one. I live in California and want to buy a propane generator. I will be using it basically for off-road sites. I won't need it in rv parks as i will use full hook-up sites. So do i have to worry anbout decibel ratings if not using in Rv Parks? i'm interested so far in a California DuroPower
4500 unit. it's gas but i've sent an e-mail to DuroPower to see if they will convert it to Propane.
Has any used a DuroPower unit? pro's/ Cons? The spec sheet states "RV Grade" with Decibel rating of 67 dba at 7 meters. Can not find the average rv park rating.
Any Feedback/ THANKS ALL!! :)

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Re: Propane Generators-California

Most State and Federal camping areas/parks have decibel limits or certain hrs generators can be run, however, if you are boon docking I wouldn't worry about it. Most commercial RV parks won't let you run a generator no matter the decibel level. 67 dba isn't too bad.

Propane isn't any more economical than gas. I think gas is just as good, but propane is less messy/easier to use because you don't have to pour it in a tank.


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Re: Propane Generators-California

Back in 1999 I got a Honda 7.5K contractor grade generator, and found a company which sold me a kit to convert it to propane (well, dual fuel, really). Was simple to install and worked well, but of course after this length of time I have no idea where I got the kit.

Propane is less energetic than gas, so you will need more of it to produce the same run time. I vaguely remember that it 'derates' the power of the generator a little bit.

The advantages of propane is that it is cleaner burning and stores better. Also it is (currently) seeming to be cheaper than gas by more than enough to compensate for the decrease in efficiancy (around $1 less per gallon here). The biggest reason to go with a propane generator, though, is if you are adding it to a trailer which already has propane tanks and does not have gas tanks.
Re: Propane Generators-California

Hi DL,
Where can i find a listing of acceptable Generator Decibel ratings. State and federal parks, most private parks, etc.
Thanks silverjack

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Re: Propane Generators-California

Hey silverjack, I tried to find a single source for generator noise level restrictions, but couldn't. I think you will need to check individual parks. Another option is to check different generators to find what they say. For instance one generator manufacturer stated they had a noise-reduction kit that would reduce their generators noise to 57-63 decibels which would meet State and National Park restrictions.