Propane heater wont ignite

I have a 2001 Star Craft Space Star and the furnace will no try t o ignite once the thermostat is set. The gas is on and all other items work. Are there component I can check without removing the entire cabinet assembly?

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RE: Propane heater wont ignite

What type of furnice do u have???
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Re: Propane heater wont ignite

The one time I had this problem in my Gulfstream it was because my propane tanks were empty!
Re: Propane heater wont ignite

The furnace runs off the battery, and if your battery is low, you might get the fan to come on, but the furnace will not ignite (have to have the battery power for the fan to run at a certain speed for the sail switch to open).

Once when I had this problem, it was due to me not 'turning on' the switch on the thermostat - mine has an on/off switch (rather stiff) on top, and the bottom switch is the temperature setting. Mine is located less than a foot off the floor, and required me and the flashlight to sit on the floor to explore the setup.

The other possibility is the 'reset' switch which is located behind the cover of your furnace. You might remove the cover, and try resetting the furnace, and maybe (if battery is charged) you will get the fan, then a clicking noise and finally ignition!

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RE: Propane heater wont ignite

Well, I have a Gulfstream 2006 and I am having the same problem. I have did everything possible to make it work and it just won't. I know it is getting propane because I can smell it, and I know the thermostat is working. The ignitor works on the 12 volt battery and if it is low, it won't work. My battery is fully charged and it still won't work. I think there is a circuit board that may be fowling up, but I suppose it will have to be pulled to find out. This is my third trailer and I have had trouble withe the furnace on all three. Well, I don't think I helped you much, but if you find out what the problem is, let me know. Phil


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Re: Propane heater wont ignite

Check for a bad wire or a bad fuse in the battery box area of the camper. Which I think is on the tongue of your trailer.