propane hookup

does anyone know if you can disconnect the main propane tank ,and feed off of a diposable grill type tank until you can get somewhere to refill ? this woud be while the motorhome is parked. thanks for any help

Triple E

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Re: propane hookup

I have had to feed from a different tank before with no problems. You should use your RV regulator and you may need to have a different fitting. Not sure if a disposable grill tank will have enough pressure to feed the whole home or how long it will last. Not much volume. But you do what you got to do. Good luck.



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Re: propane hookup

I use an "Extend a Stay" propane connection on my RV propane tank. I installed it between the RV propane tank and the RV propane regulator. I connect a 20 lb propane tank to it with no problems. How long it lasts depends on use. But I what is nice is that when it runs out you still have the RV main propane to run on for backup until you get it filled. The extend a stay also has a connector to run other propane appliances such as a grill. You do have to buy those other propane hoses though. The "Extend a Stay" can be purchased at most RV stores. Camping World also has a variety of connections that will accomplish the same thing.