Propane Injection on a 8.2N Detroit Deisel

John Endresen

New Member
I have a 1985 Cobra with a Detroit Deisel and Allison Transmission. One of the previos owners had installed a Propane injection system on it but I have no specs on how many column inches of water the regulator should be set at. Also the engine puts out lots of black smoke going up inclines and the speed drops to 25 to 35 MPH.

Any suggestions?


Propane Injection on a 8.2N Detroit Deisel

First rattle out of the hat, sounds like you may want to bring your rig to an injector shop and have it adjusted. Hazy, sooty, smoke from a diesel under heavy load is normal. Black, choke the people behind you smoke sounds like your rack needs setting. But before I would do that check your air cleaner.

As to the propane injection system, somewhere on it will be a name of the manufacturer, find it and get online to them and they will give you the information you are asking for.