propane oven ???

i have a brand new jayco and i was wondering when i have the propane on in the trailer do i need to light the pilot light in the oven,i light the pilot but when i turn the knob from pilot to off it shuts off the pilot does this mean that as long as the oven is in the off position,i wont need the pilot lit ??
propane oven ???

If your oven is set up as most the pilot will only stay lit in the Pilot on position. When your oven is in the off position the propane is turned off all together.

We only lite our pilot when we are going to use the oven.

It conserves propane and does not induce any added heat to our motor home
propane oven ???

We also have a new Jayco....'05 Granite Ridge...just light the oven when you're going to use it. Don't have to keep the pilot lit. Safe travels....