Propane regulater question.


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My propane regulater on my 1977 Dodge motorette rv took a dump. I can rebuild it if I knew where to get a kit but, I haven't found one yet. Regardless, is this a high pressure regulater or low pressure? All it runs is the stove/oven, heater and water heater. It's presently got a Helco model number-50-a. I would get a suitable replacement before summer sneaks up.

Brennen Thomas

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This RV propane detector from MTI Industries is part of the Safe T Alert 30 Series, designed for the harsh RV environment. I love the 12-volt setup as there are no dead or missing batteries to replace. The gas detector produces an audible noise at 85 decibels, which is about as loud as a lawn mower. Even when I get out of my RV, I can still hear the alarm loud and clear. My favorite is the silence button because it allows me to silence the alarm when the RV
is oxygenated.
I'm also very happy with the large faceplate and tiny body because those designs hide the rough cutouts.
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