Propane regulator on prowler regal 5th wheel


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I have a 2005 prowler regal 5th wheel trailor. It has a a small red regulator on the passenger side tank, the propane hose then goes to the driver side tank compartment where it goes through a two stage regulator. The little red regulator has gone bad. I have not been able to find a replacement anywhere. The local R.V. place was very confused and told me I did not need a second regulator on this line. Is this true? Can I throw this thing away and hook up my second tank or do I need to find a replacement regulator? If you have any idea where I can find one let me know.


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RE: Propane regulator on prowler regal 5th wheel

The IAPA does not want long lengths of high pressure lines running through the trailer, this is why the regulator was added to the line. My guess is the small red reg is a 18 PSI unit. You can purchase these from anyone that sells outside cooking supplies or camping equipment.
Without the reg you would have a 150 to 250 PSI propane line.........


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Re: Propane regulator on prowler regal 5th wheel

Actually you can rplace it with any single stage regulator that you can get at the RV parts store. They may have to order it for you but they are available.

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Re: Propane regulator on prowler regal 5th wheel

Under high pressure, and not moving, LP can condensate in lines over 6' and the water will ruin the main regulator. A lot of regulators were going bad and they figured out what was happening. Now, on trailers that have tanks placed on each side of the trailer, the little red regulator is placed out from the tank opposite the main regulator. You do not want to do away with it, you need it.