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We use propane instead of gasoline when we can find it to power our motorhome. We are interested in finding information where we can purchase propane for highway use. Is there a listing somewhere? We can purchase it here where we live at a station but have a problem finding in when on the road.
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I can't help you with propane fuel locations, but I've been considering buying a used 37' Class A, and converting it to use Propane fuel. I'm assuming that you have converted yours to dual usage. I didn't know that was possible. Could you tell me how expensive was the Conversion? What kind of fuel cost savings can be realized? And, can't you fill your fuel tank right at a Campground ?
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I don't know that much on the converion, but we did back in the sixies for our farm tractors and had no problem. I know you can get propane at KOA CG which are located all over the country. please post back if you find any more info.


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We have used propane to power a motor vehicle back in the 70's when gasoline was so short. There are major advantages to it's use but you do need to realize that you will get about 10% less in mpg due to the fact that propane has a lower octane rating than gasoline.

To locate propane sales for highway use, just visit
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We have had our conversion for awhile. First we used it on a Mallard Class C and now have a PaceArrow Class A that we installed it on. If you ask Google for Propane Conversion, you will find quite a lot of info. We had to install a large propane tank. It holds 80 gallons. I don't know if campgrounds would fill that large a tank. They are most used for the smaller appliance tank.
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I paid more for propane at flying J the other day than I did for gas. When I was in Louisiana in Dec thru Feb we also paid more for propane than we did gas. Kinda crazy to pay more for a lesser gas mileage.
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We live in Northern MN and here we can buy propane for almost $1.00 less per gallon than gas. We use a Cenex Station here.
When we travelled last year we also discovered that propane was much higher and we used gasoline.