Propane Tank


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Should we turn off the propane at the tank when not in use? Does anyone else do this?
Every now and then I think I smell propane when the RV has been sitting for a while(this is after the electric has been hooked up for a few days and the odor is outside by the tank).
Propane Tank

Generally I tell my customers that if the trailer is not in use, turn the tanks off. If you don't have a leak it really should not matter, but it is best to be safe.
IF the tanks have been overfilled, there is a safety valve that will allow excess to bleed off. This can happen when the temp. rises during the day. It does not matter if the main valve is off or not, the safety valve will still vent and that might be why you smell it every now and then. When the level gets down where it should be, this will stop. The new OPD valves are supposed to prevent overfilling and usually they do.
Propane Tank

As with the others when not in use for a while(parked in storage) I turn mine off.
The Smell is mercapthen, a chemical they add to the propane so you know if there is a leak. It only takes a couple parts per million to stink up the world.


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Propane Tank

It's unanamous! Tank valves should be closed when not in use. It is quite normal to loose a very small amount of propane if the appliances are all off, so it does waste propane. You may well be getting the odor from a pressure relief.
Propane Tank

Should have mentioned this might be a good idea to squirt some soapy water on all the fittings on the tank. The line going into the camper, the valve, the guage etc. Make sure you don't have a leak there that needs attention. You might have a small one that isn't dangerous but still is wasting gas and might be easily repaired.