Propane ?

I have a question about propane on the RV. We are currently using a small portable tank, like one for a gas grill, instead of the big tank on the RV. Can the regulator on the big tank be used on the small portable one, or do we need to purchase one specifically for the small tank? We are only using propane for the hot water tank. Don't want to use big tank on RV until we have a chance to replace it since it is "very" old, 28 years old to be exact, and is a Ford Midas Class C. Don't peticularly like the big "whoosh" we get when lighting the hot water tank for shower-time. Any suggestions or advice will be much appreciated. :)

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Propane ?

Hi rvgypz, welcome to the forum, the LP tank on your motorhome maybe just fine, permanently mounted horizontal LP tanks have different regulation than vertical portable tanks, horazontal tanks are regulated under ASME rules, vertical portable tanks are under US DOT regs. On a rig of that age it would be a good idea to replace the regulator with a new two(2) stage regulator and replace the hose from the regulator to the coach pipe. I'm not sure aqbout the big whoosh, water heaters by nature are load when burning, but the pilot light should be fairly quite to light and when operating when the burner lights it is rather load jst the nature of the thing.
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Propane ?

Thank you for the "welcome" and your reply. Will check into that regulator and see if that solves the problem. :laugh: