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I have a 2000 class C motorhome with the propane bottle built in like most others. I was wondering on how to fill the bottle with out moving from the camp site. Is there any adapters to do this? Thanks.


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The tank must be filled in place. Motorized vehicles have a different tank standard than do trailers. They are not allowed to use the removable ones. To fill them you must either take the motorhome to the fill station, or you have to find a service that will send a truck to you. Not all propane trucks carry the needed equipment to fill an RV tank so be sure that you ask the supplier if his trucks can fill an RV. They are only common in areas where there are a lot of RVs.

You might want to get one of the kits that allow attachment of a portable bottle such as the "Extend-a-stay." That will put a fitting into the line between your tank and your regulator which can then be connected by a flexible hose to a tank. Of course, you will then need to buy the portable bottle and find a place to store it when traveling.