Proposed BLM Road Closures


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I spend a lot of time in the back country in the West accessing remote areas by driving on old mining roads and existing trails.

BLM is in the process of passing new regulations in Arizona that if successful, would close all back country roads and old mining roads that are NOT REGULARILY MAINTAINED. That would close off most of the of the old roads that we use for recreation.

I have an article from the most recent BlueRibbon Magazine explaining the regulations. I have copied the entire article (15 minutes to read) with BlueRibbons permission in Word Format.
If you E-mail me at, I will be glad to send it to you. Please put on the subject line.........BLM Road Closures so that I recognize your mail.

Please get this information out to everyone you know who wants to have continued access to "OUR PUBLIC LANDS"

If these BLM regulations are approved in Arizona, the Federal Government has plans to use these same regulations to close MOST access roads throughout all of the West.

Phil Schneider