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I just ordered a new Diesel Pusher and the dealer is asking if I want the $2300 protective coating (ResistAll). Sounds to me like a "hot wax" at the car wash, but thought I would ask you all for input. It is suppose to protect against rust, humidity, bird droppings, tree sap, retards fading. etc. It also used to protect the carpet & fabric.

Anyone have any experience with this?


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Re: Protective coating

Pretty expensive wax job! Dealer is just trying to make a lot of extra profit. Get some Scotch Guard for the interior. Lots cheaper.
RE: Protective coating

This kind of thing can spoil a deal pretty quick.
I would now tell him if he thinks its so important to include it in the deal at on cost.
If he refuses walk out.
You already know the make and model you want go find another dealer this guy is not one to trust.
If he starts here in the sales department what is to follow in the service end.
Re: Protective coating

I well imagine if you were buying a car the price would be in the $500 range. As often it is with after market items, this is a profit item for a dealer. The great American Way!

I suspect Resistall is a worthwhile substance , it's just a matter of deciding how much is worth while. I'd ask the dealer if the price was negotiable and obviously get information as to longevity etc. If you plan on keeping the RV a long time it may be a good add on at the right price. That is if you plan on keeping it 7 years or more, then spread over 7 years or so, a few hundred a year may be ok.

Also think about the amount you are paying for your RV, in relation to this item. I'd call Resistall company and get a feel for who and what they are.