Prowler 5th Wheel

Does anyone have any information or personal experience with Prowler 5th Wheels. I seem to be having a difficult time finding any user information about these units? We are looking to buy one and I am trying to do some research but having trouble!

Please respond or help?

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What year are you talking about? I have had quite a few traded in 1998-2002 and everyone with fiberglass sides had bad delamination. Hopefully they have the newer ones better. I think everyone in those years had some problems.
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I have 2000 Terry 30.5G EX model which is for the most part the same as the prowler. Its been an excellant 5vr and the only problem I have had with it is the TERRY sticker in the front has started to peel off. It's a great camper. Just check for frame warpage as some units during that time had a recall for additional bracing. I did replace my bumper with a 4 inch 1/4 inch sqaure pipe for more rear protection.
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Welcome to the forum, Robert! Nice website, too. I actually know where Refugio is! Been there many times and Sallyberetta went to school there for a short time (oilfield brat).
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One of my girlfriends owns either a 2004/2005 Prowler 5thwheel, a 255BHS. She absolutely loves it. She has had it a year and a half now, and hasn't had any problems. And they use it almost every weekend. She hasn't had to test out warranty issues or anything like that, so of that I wouldn't know, but it handles well on the road (I went with her to drive it home), and just a joy to camp in.

Hope this helps a little, and good luck!

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Good entry level 5th Wheel, however, I wouldn't purchase the top of the line models. :) By the time they add all the goodies/options on, you will pay as much for a entry level RV as a mid-level or full-time top level RV.