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Tom Davis

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Buying a used 2001 dutch star with 14' pull out. The owner does not have a awning on it ( because he says they make to much noise and repair when the wind blows) Should or sholdn't I have one put on ????



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pull out cover

Hi Tom! Welcome to the forum!

Red flag big time on the awning! Go through any RV park and you'll find 99.9% of 5th wheels, motorhomes and TT's have awnings, either out or not out. They are meant to be a sun shade, not a rain or wind shelter, however, they will do that too (within reason!) If you ever find yourself parked with the door facing west or south and your in the southern U.S. you will most definetly be glad you have an awning.

I've never had trouble with the awning in either my MH or my 5th wheel. They are pretty much "idiot" proof in putting our or retracting.

Again, welcome!


pull out cover

Do you mean an awning like the sun shade over the door and side of the camper of a awning over the slideout. I think Tom is refering to the large awning you sit under no one over the slide out.

If your referring to the awning you sit under yes get one.

As for the awning over the slide out there are pro's and con's to that one. Yes they do help as a sun shade to keep the slide roof cooler. They also help with rain. I don't have one on mine for two reasons. If I am camping in the winter the snow will be to heavy on the awning. The other reason is it's harder to get to the roof of the slide with the awning on. Rain can blow under the awning and I don't like to close it wet.

Its a matter of prefference. Some like em some don't. I could go either way but as of now without.

C Nash

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pull out cover

Hi Tom,
If you are talking about the awning over the slide, I have had both with and without the awning. I like the awning and have never had any noise or problems with them. Now that I have said this watch it tear up the next time I use it. My MH has two slides with awnings on both. I could see where snow and ice could be a problem. Would not own one without a patio awning but they should never be left out when you are going to be away from your rv. :)