pull rite superglide hitch


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Can anyone tell me how this hitch will work if the truck and traier are at a angle with each other when hitching or unhitching? Can you just back into it as you would a normal hitch?


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pull rite superglide hitch

The way the SuperGlide works is as the trailer rotates out of line with the truck centerline, a pin riding in a slotted plate causes the hitch to slide rearward, the amount being a direct result of the angle of the hitch. Part of the installation process for this hitch is to add a second lug to the trailer pin box which causes the hitch to rotate as the trailer rotates.

Thus, your question depends on the angle. There is no slide for the first 18 degrees (if I remember correctly), but beyond that it could be a big problem, as the amount of slide is controlled by the angle to the hitch, enforced by that second lug you added to the pin box. Therefore, I think you might be able to unhitch at an angle (although the hitch might snap back to center and forward when the first of the 2 pins disengages), but it looks like it would be a major problem or perhaps even be impossible to hitch at an angle.

I was a big superglide fan until I learned of this restriction.