pusher needs help


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Recently we bought a 2001 expedition 36 with a cummins 260 /5 spd with 30000
miles, it ran good at sea level where we bought it. When we brought it home
to Colo. we found it needs help getting up the hills. Mt, Vernon canyon was
25 Mph and it was hot before we reached the top, at the summit we stopped
and it cooled right down. The first time we were towing our geo tracker (toad)
so I ran it again without the Geo, same results.
Our old Gas 454 would run 40- 45 mph towing the geo on the same stretch of road.
Could it be the turbo is not working? I have tried the disconnecting battery to
reset the computer, The air cleaner looked a little dirty. so I ordered a new
This is our first diesel and so far not happy with the performance, love every
thing else its a keeper (I think
Does anyone have any suggestions what to try next?

RE: pusher needs help

My experience with diesels is that they don't have power change the air filters and fuel filters. It seem's strange that it would overheat. Make sure the coolent level is full. My 275 Cummins never overheats no matter how hard you push it. The Cummins has more torque than the gassers so it should take the hills better. If the filters don't help you might have to take it to a diesel mechanic. :question:


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RE: pusher needs help

Thanks for the comeback, Tinkerer
The fuel filters was supposed to been changed less than
2000 miles ago. The new air filter is on it's way. I'll
might have to take it to a shop for a physical.