Pyramid Lake RV Park

Does anyone have first hand knowledge of Pyramid Lake RV Park in Gorman,Ca.? We are currently planning a trip out to California to that area to visit our daughter and we are thinking of staying at that park. Any information that anyone can provide on that park or another in the area would be appreciated.
Pyramid Lake RV Park

Pyramid Lake in California ?? Did not know there was one..
There is a Pyramid Lake in Nevada, just north of Reno/Sparks.
But its controlled by the indians..

I'll be watching this thread because I like finding new area to explore..

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Pyramid Lake RV Park

Pyramid Lake is off I-5 aprox 50 miles Nth of L.A. in the San Gabriel Mts. and about 50 miles south of Bakersfield.

Pyramid Lake Rv Park/resort...
Stopped there a few years ago and at that time it wasn't bad, not many shaded sites, clean restrooms, laundry, and POOL. Needed that pool because it gets unbearably hot there durning the summer. I felt at the time that it was a little pricey for what it was. Hope this helps a little.
Pyramid Lake RV Park

I am not sure that the campground is even open anymore, You May want to confirm before heading out.
Good luck