Q: Ever driven Shasta-Reno via Hy 44/395

Will be traveling from Mt. Shasta to Reno this coming May.

Was wondering if anyone had experience on Highway 44 and/or 395. Are they safe to drive a 5th wheel. Can't find much re: grades up/down. I can see the road my have a lot of curves.

Any help would be appreciated
Longrod :cool:
Q: Ever driven Shasta-Reno via Hy 44/395

Concur with Frankreno. It's a two lane road most of the way and not very demanding. You might encounter a few logging trucks on 44 if you're unlucky, but that's not apt to be a problem on 395, especially in Nevada. Have a good one. Incidentally, there's a nice, relatively new RV park in Susanville, Mountain View, located just a couple of blocks off the highway leading to the 395 junction.