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I would look at Newel, Foretravel, Wanderlodge ect. I think Prevost quit making motrohomes a couple of years ago. There are also custom built ones.


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Thanks for the info...I was actually looking for more of a nainstream answer ...the only comparison I can draw is ...While Maseriti and Bugatti or Rollys Royce are certainly of the highest quality I consider them specialty cars not Mass Market Luxury cars ...That is why I choose Lexus for the example ,,or BMW ..or Mercedes ..I was looking for the mass market Luxury (quality ) RV answer...Any help?


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well Tiffin makes a good coach ,, and stands behind it ,, Monaco also has a good coach ,, but not much support outta them ,, but if u can afford it have a custom built coach by Blue Bird or such ,, but remember a custom built coach is a one time thing ,, the probs are u'rs ,, not their's ,, they cover the chassis and stuff ,, but the little stuff is on u ,, JMO (as i have seen) ;) :cool:


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All coaches will have problems. I disagree with 0730 Monaco has a good coach and does stand behind them. I've had a 2000 Diplomat and now have and 07 Dynasty. I have had great support from Monaco. I like the fact that they have 3 Large service centers across the US (Oregon (Mecca); Indiana and Florida). Not once have they not answered the bell for me.

Tiffin makes a good coach with Mecca being in Red Bank Alabama. I came very close to buying my third coach from them. I have met Mr. Tiffin at an RV show and he is a class act.

Newmar makes a good coach. Never really looked at them but two of my closest friends have their products and swear by them. Get good props on most forums.

American has fantastic coaches and have looked at them alot. Just haven't found the dealer yet who will take my offer when in the market.

Bottom line all M/H's and manufactures have their +/-'s. I would love to have a Foretravel they are sweet. Wife, daughter, and boat would convey if I could swing a deal (I would keep the two springers).

Many folks have problems with their dealer after the sale find a good one (not and easy job). I have had great success with two of the three dealers I have bought from. I owned a third coach from one of the named manufactures above and the dealer was a pisser but corporate sent me to another dealer who treated me just fine.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

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