ques. re: hurricanes

We are from OH. so,,,never been near a hurricane. Next wk we are taking our dau. to college in Fl. We are debating if we should take our car OR our RV class C..any suggestions?
We are limited on time and I need to be back to work in OH in less than a wk. The car takes less time to drive (at least when I am driving) LOL and my hubby wants to RV it...
I am a little concerned if the hurricane weather, (Irene is showing her ugly head) rain --wind etc. would be better in the car to make a fast departure?? OR to stay bundled up in the RV and ignore it...Thanks for your input :cool:

DL Rupper

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ques. re: hurricanes

It's funner to RV it. By next week they should know where Irene is going to land. If it is going to miss Florida, by all means RV it. I would not ride out a Hurricane in a RV, I would make a fast departure in the RV if it looked like it was coming at you