Question about employment

Hi everyone!
My current winter job looks as if it will be eliminated. In the summer months I do lawn care, (Self employed). I live in Wisconsin and see trucks pulling campers to RV dealerships all the time. My question is, how do I get into hauling campers? Do I work for the dealerships, or for myself?

I have my own 5th wheel, and I turn almost 50,000 miles working my current winter job. So I have lots of experience driving/hauling. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Question about employment

You must own your own truck(diesel prefered). You work as a private contractor for a delivery company such as Quality Drive Away or Horizon Transport or Hoosier Transport or Classic Transport or Bennett Transport. All of these transporters hve websites. Trust me, you won't make much money unless you are constantly on the road but you will see the USA!!! Good Luck