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Hey everyone..Don't need anything fancy but because I generally don't have a navigator, would like to have a GPS that
talks to me. One thing that is really confusing is screen size - some say you don't need anything too big (2x3); others
say get the largest you can afford. Anyone have any recommendations, hints, things to look for? And where do you find
is the best place to mount it?
Oh, well, yet another technical marvel to this rate, I'll be lucky if you ever see me on the road :laugh:
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Don't know much about them, but we were camping last weekend and one of our group used one to find a VA State Park. He got lost. Actually it told him to take a turn onto a small road. About a 1/4 mile, and after the road had dwindled to a 2 lane path, it told he had arrived. He had to back his fifth wheel out the 1/4 mile and finally follow the directions I had given him.

He did admit he had not updated it lately, but the park has been there for 5 years.
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If you have a laptop, then I would suggest using it with either MS Streets & Trips 0r Delorme Street Atlas. Both programs are inexpensive and will give you a introduction into GPS.

Now as Grandview Trailer Sales mentioned, GPS is not always accurate. Last summer I was using MS Streets & Trips looking for a State Park in Oregon that has only been there for the last 50 years, Yep you gussed it, MS S&T sent me around to the wrong side of the lake. An hours drive back around to the correct side.
I should of known better than trust any thing put out by MICRO S**T.

Now you know about my introduction into GPS.
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I use the Trailer Life Campground Navigator. The directions on it are always right on the money! Plus you can map out your trip with ease. I'm still using the 2005 version, but am thinking about getting the update soon. I love it.
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If you are going to get one, then get the biggest and best one you can afford. I mounted mine permanent (sort of) with a RAM adjustable mount on the overhead above the windshield. I can glance at it to the upper right.


I use mine 75% to PLAN the routes I'm interested in. I use it to look at different ways to get to the same place. I use it in conjunction with the atlas-type map book that I keep handy.

I like the way my Garmin 7200 calculates the travel time and time to next turn, etc. I know where I'll be when I need to quit for the day. Even on a trip where I know where I'm going, I can tell someone to the minute when I'll be there. It freaks them out. (Well, I don't know anyone that gets "freaked out", but you know what I mean. :laugh: )

Several times I have found a new place to stay that wasn't on my Good Sam's map. Several times I have had a friend or family member call and tell me they would be late because of a traffic tieup or wreck. I could look up their location and route them out of it.

And my Garmin has a satellite radio receiver in it that costs an additional $5/mo. to my "peekup" truck's subscription. It is nice to have sat radio on I-10 between San Antonio and El Paso! (I can only stand so much broadcast radio twang and bang! ;) )

Durn! Sounds like a Garmin commercial, but it is the brand that I have. I have had no trouble getting what I need from this place:


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We use the Tom Tom 300. About $399.00. Went around the U.S. and hit 30 states using it. I'd buy it again if it got stolen. Sold in Costco, Sam's club, etc
I've dropped it more than once and it didn't hurt it. It talks to us. Sometimes we talk to it......
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we have the Garmin Nuvi. It talks to you and is a good size 3x 5. You can take it with you when you stop and it fits in a shirt pocket. you can get them at walmart. :)

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We have a Garmin 1520. Works great. I found it on line anywhere from $899 to $439. I got it from Wal-Mart on line. It started at $620 and went down in a 4 week period to $440+tax. The thing I like about the Garmin 1520 is that it comes with a small, fairly heavy bean bag like mount. It sits on your dash and can be removed or moved from place-to-place. You don't need to drill holes or use suction cups that release at inopportune times to mount it. :cool:
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We have the Delorme Street Maps on the laptop. I like the big screen of a laptop. It's fun to watch your altitude change--is that the right term--as you drive thru the mountains. Yes, we have found some errors on the maps too. There's always the old fashioned way to stop and ask for directions. Oh yeah, you guys disagree with that,eh??? :)
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Now, why do you think I bought a GPS?

Sallyberetta got tired of nagging me, so now some lady in the box is nagging me,

"Turn Right Here" .......... "Here!" ............. "No! No! The other Right!!!! " :evil:

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Sometimes the GPS will route you to the wrong place, so you need to look at a map ahead of time and have some idea of where you are going. One way streets will throw them off as well as low Clarence underpasses. Mine routed me on the shortest distance road to a 10'6'' clearance underpass and my RV is 11'4", however, the lane coming the opposite direction had 12' clearance on it's side, so I made it through going right down the middle and using some of the opposite lane. I thought for sure I was going to lose some of my roof. No way to turn around. I now only use the fastest route as it usually stays on the main roads. :bleh:


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We have Garmin's Quest and the map software can be run on the computer to do the planning and then down-loaded to the Quest. When you do that it also allows you to define the vehicle as a car, truck, bus, semi, or oversize load. That way it don't send you into any low underpasses. None the less, I agree with DL that it is still a good idea to review the route by paper map in the case of a long road trip with the RV. As great as Gypsy is, she does occasionally do some strange things or send you in a way you would really rather not go. When we make trips with the car we usually don't bother since they are not as far, it isn't as sensitive to road conditions and besides, if I do not follow her directions, Gypsy just says "Off route, recalculating" and then gives me a new way to do. Pam likes her because she was tired of serving as navigator and she isn't even jealous!
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Gypsy, huh? My little lady in the box is Miss Moneypenny. She's British and much more polite than Sallyberetta EVER was when she was navigator, and I can turn her off in an instant ... just like Sallyberetta !!! ;) :blackeye:
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Double check ALL instructions with a map if possible. A client coming from Florida with a 38 foot converted bus and a with hs wife driving a surburban pulling a 20 trailer got to Chattanooga and instead of the GPS directing them to hwy 111 via 27 it sent them to the shortest way which was up signal mountain. Benn up there pulling a 10 foot trailer , bet he had a scary trip, curves so sharp you can see your own tail lights.

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Ours is Mabel. The way she say's RE-CALCULATING makes you feel like a little kid that didn't follow directions. Very demeaning/sarcastic voice on that word. I just tell her to shut-up, I know what I'm doing. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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I wouldn't do without my GPS. We all have anecdotal incidents that we can relate. 99% of the time my GPS gets me where I want to go without incident. I rarely let it give me the "shortest route" and mostly let it calculate the "fastest route."

One point to remember is how many times we have received step-by-step instructions over the phone from someone that told us to turn "1/2 mile passed the fast food joint (I think it's a Burger King) and go down a bit after the third mailbox ...".

I verify every route I take with the atlas and personal experience just like I would if someone gave me verbal directions.