Question about water pump in a fleetwood terra

We just bought a fleetwood terra 2001 the water tank is full and the water pump is running but for some reason we aren't getting any water going to the sinks or toilet. Any ideas what we may be missing?


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Hi RedSoxFan and welcome to the RVUSA Forum. The water pump shouldn't just "run." It has a pressure switch and when it builds up to a certain pressure, it shuts off. If you pump is running continously, and you are not getting any water flow from the faucets or toilet, your pump impeller is probably shot. You can buy a rebuild kit for most pumps.

When you hook up to city water (which bypasses the pump), do you get water flow at the faucets and toilet?

Hope this helps some. Welcome to the forum and post back and let us know how you do.:):)
Thanks for the information we will definitely try hooking it up to city water and see what happens. Sorry for so many questions but we are new RVErs. We have a question about the generator. It runs fine however we aren't getting any power from it to the RVs appliances and electrical outlets however we know there is nothing wrong with the electrical system because we can hook it up to an outside power outlet and everything works. We have also insured that the power outlet of the generator is hooked into the RV so it should be getting power. Any ideas? Also where would the second battery be located in the RV? Thanks for any information!!! We need all the help we can get.


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Also check for a bypass valve that isolates the water pump from the water tank. Should be close to the water pump itself.



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well Len that was my suggestion also. I remmeber after I dewinterized it I forgot to just that, man I couldn't figure out why, I knew it worked before I winterized it. So I did a back track and I found I did not turn the bypass valve back.heck your valve, but that it. I also suggest that you post back when you find your problem.


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As to the gen first check the breakers on the gen. Even if they look like they are OK just reset them, yurn them off then on.


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One thing to note. If the generator is an Onan and it runs it is producing power. It senses the output voltage and will shut down when you stop pressing the start switch if it doesn't see 120 vac.