Question on house battery use & odor


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Got a question and would like some advice on how to fix: I have a small Class C Cobra motorhome. The house battery is under the back seat/bed. I have noticed that when running the electricity via batteries that there is a Strong odor comming from the battery box. The bed/seat is moveable (made of two legged wood frame, 5/8" plywood sheet, and padding), and is positioned over the water tank, water pump, Hot water heater) next to the sealed battery box with lid. It is not from the water tank, Hot water hearter, or water pump. Even though the battery box has a plasic/pvc pipe directing the battery gas out the back, there is a strong odor present that is very noticiable when seating or laying down. Is there a trick/trade secret to doing away with this battery odor?

C Nash

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Either the batt is bad or low in water. Might also want to check the converter for overcharging. How old is the batt?


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Dragon - Sounds like (smells like?) you have a sulfated batttery. When on the charger it will smell like rotten eggs. As Chelse said, check you charger/converter and make sure it isn't overcharging your battery. Also, you will probably have to replace the battery. Take it to Batteries Plus or someplace simular and have it checked. Good luck.:):)