My wife and I will be traveling to Costa Rica and would like to drive down a motorhome. We're buying a property and while our house is in construction, we would like to live in our motorhome which is going to be parked in the property. We figure that we would be living in the motorhome for approximately two years, we also have two kids... A 5 and a 1 year old.

I'm personally more incline in getting a fifth wheel for the simple reason that is always convenient to have a truck while having a construction project. However, I know that I could also pull a trailer. And based on these aspects, I'd like to ask for your advise.

I have never owned a motorhome or a big truck and don't know much about them. What I do know is that the truck must have and Extra Cab and must be a Four Wheel Drive. Other than these, I'd like to know what to look for.

Motorhome questions:

[*]Fifth Wheel VS. Trailer?
[*]About what size?
[*]Do you recomend the slideroom floorplans? Reasons?
[*]Any good sources to find one?
[*]Anything else I should know?

Truck questions:

[*]Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, or any other?
[*]If not buying new, what model year should I look for?
[*]F150, F250, F350, F450, F550?
[*]Automatic or Manual Transmition?
[*]Dually or Regular?
[*]Fuel or Diesel?
[*]Long or short bed?
[*]Specific hight?
[*]Any good sources to find one?
[*]Anything else I should know?

I appreciate your time and of course I thank you for your advise.


Here are just some thoughts. Definately get the truck for the extra usefullness. While a FW will be easier to tow, I would guess that a TT would be easier to sell when not needed. In addition, you can carry more gear in the truck bed with a TT as long as it will be safe while traveling. Get a long bed, again more room for carrying stuff while traveling or afterwards. Gas or diesel depends on relative fuel costs, availability and engine main. issues in Costa Rica. Not sure about truck brand, depends on support in C.R., but avoid newer models with latest features that may be hard to service/support. So, stay with a high volume export model, which is unlikely to be something over a 1 ton. I would suspect that Dodge may be fairly common with factories in Mexico, but don't really know. So stay with a 1 ton or 3/4 ton depending on trailer weight. Or just get a 1 ton and then pick a trailer weight that will provide some margin.

FW or TT, a living room slideout will be better with the kids. Since rain and humidity will probably be high in C.R., you will need to prevent water leaks thru good maint. And make sure that what you buy doesn't already have problems. If you buy a used unit in the Southwest, for sure do your own leak test with a high pressure hose. A crowned (taper roof trusses) is preferred over a flat or nearly flat roof.