Quiet Diesel 5500

I have an '05 Gulfstream Endura. At 50 hours, the generator had to be pulled, because it would only run for a few seconds, then shut off. Dealer replaced brushes.
Generator now has 200 hours, and has had to be pulled again. Brushes & rotor were replaced. The generator starts by itself, and will do so if even if plugged in (not always.) After bringing it back from repair shop this latest time, the generator would not start using either switch - remote or on generator. After plugging it in, it started on its own again (without touching any switch.) Just looking for some possible causes or ideas for what could be the problem. This has been ongoing since purchase.


RE: Quiet Diesel 5500

Do have a transfer switch on u'r rv???
If so did the dealer ck it out ???
also do u have an inverter on u'r coach???
The reason i'm asking is the transfer switch looks for 120 volts weather it be plugged in or on genset... if it doesn't see 120 volts via shore line then it will assume u'r using generator...
The inverter will also cause this prob...
I would take it back to dealer and suggest these items,,, if they are not up to cking this then post us back and we'll see how we can help u out
Re: Quiet Diesel 5500

Thanks for your information. now at the generator shop i will fax this to them and they will have another area to look into,they were totally cluelesss but it is understandable since they do not usually deal with all the other electrical components in a rv.The coach does have a transfer switch/inverter to answer your question.I'll be visiting this site a lot in the future and i'll let you know how this turns out
:) keith Q


Re: Quiet Diesel 5500

If they can not fix u'r prob then i suggest u find the nearest cummins dealer since they are Onan And Thermoking repair and sales facilities...