R-Vision Trailers

I'm currently shopping for a trailer by R-Vision, Trail Cruiser. I was told by a salesman that the flooring is spongy because that's how they reduced the weight of the trailers. Campers with this type please respond. Thanks. Old Camper 52


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Are you talking brand new. If not the old saying "if a salesman is talking he is lying". Any I know of should be solid.


C Nash

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Some of the Ultra lite I have been in have "weak" floors. Guess they are thinner to save weight. If a floor feels soft I would move on even if it is new


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Just my opinion but if it is an older rv and the floor feels spongy - probably water damage and dry rot. Move on. If it is a brand new rv and the floor feels spongy - probably really cheap construction. Again - move on.