Race car enclosed trailer towing

:approve: Help 1st time purchase- Going racing and need advice on towing a 28ft aluminum enclosed trailer with race car and equipment.

Anyone have advice and/or experience with this combination.
What specific should I look at.

What motorhomes are the best at most we will only be 3 people on a trip. Looking forward to your stories or advice.

Thanks in advance

C Nash

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Race car enclosed trailer towing

You'll get a lot of different opinions on this. First you need to know the total weight of the trailer and car when loaded. A deisel pusher would be best for this combination IMO. I have seen plenty of gasser at the tracks that pull enclosed trailers with car inside so it can be done. Most gasser are limited to around 5000 tow capacity. Safety is my concern in overloads. Will they pull it yes and some will say without any problem. The transmissions in most are not heavy enough or designed to tow this weight. You will also need to know the total weight of the MH. I know the brakes on the MH will not be enough for stopping but, I am sure the trailer will have brakes and they will be a must. A lot will be determined by the distance you will be towing. Welcome to the forum