radial vs. 8 ply tires


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I am replacing my st175/80R/13, load B. I want to find a tire with larger load capacity that still fits the 13" rim and my dealer has recommened Duro st185/70D/13, load D. these are 8 ply rather than radial. Has anyone had experience with the Duro brand? and which do you think are better for a 25' lite trailer---radial or 8 ply? What are the benefits of each. All and any advice would be appreciated.

thanks, linda

C Nash

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radial vs. 8 ply tires

Linda, you can find some info on the duro tt tires at this web site http://www.tiresunlimited.com/carlisle_usa_trail.htm I did not see a 8 ply in the 13 inch . Don't really think you would need 8 plys for a ligh weight tt. What does your trailer weigh and length? 8 ply may tend to run hotter in the 13 and your suspension should be tuned for radials if that is what came from the factory. Go to the above web site and you can contact one of their reps and he should be able to advise. Could you change to 14 inch rims to up your load without going to 8 ply? just some thoughts. Good luck and keep us posted on what you find.

Chelse L. Nash