Radio/CD for RV

Anyone have preference for particular with big buttons or at least easy to use? We have probably the worst radio I've ever used in a vehicle...Sony, after-market I think, hard to use, worse to decipher what does what. :eek: Want to replace it but haven't found good place to look for radio. Best Buy didn't seem to have much to offer. :(

Also, anyone have much experience with the satellite radios?

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Radio/CD for RV

Our Starcraft RV's Come With The Sirius by Audiovox Pre Installed In The Unit. The Customers who have purchased this product seem to be enjoying it. Nice feature when you are in the backwoods.

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Radio/CD for RV

Saw a nice one at Costco - 110 volt only though. It was a Sony kitchen radio/CD player, with AM/FM/TV/Weather bands, designed to mount under a cabinet, with built in speakers.

When I replace the unit in my trailer, I'll probably go with a car stereo (so works on 12 volts) with cassette, CD changer and input from my TV/VCR and DVD. Sony is the only manufacturer I've found who can do that.

As for satellite radio, it can be pretty good when you are moving. However, it does have a monthly fee, so if you mostly listen while you are standing still, regular radio may be adequate. In any case, I'd get an add on unit to your normal radio, in case the company becomes unacceptable, or you just decide you don't want it. Another option is those modular systems which have a base module which plugs into your car, living quarters or works as a 'walkman'.
Radio/CD for RV

i recently replaced mine with a pioneer 2600 and very easy to use basica commands plus some nice features. i bought it at best buy on clearance. check again they normally have some nice selections

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Radio/CD for RV

Have the Sony in ours and can not even figure it out with the manual :angry: . have to get the grandkids to work it for me. Old George won't even show up on the CD :laugh: :laugh:

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