radio problems


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I have an older Innsbruck and the radio stopped working. I tried to install an new CD/MP3 radio and it did not power up. I then put the old one back in and it did not work either. I have tried to figure out the wiring but there is no owners manual. I tried to follow the wires to figure out where they go because they are not labeled but the only one I could trace is a white wire that goes to something behind the fridge. I changed the fuse in the radio but it did not work. If I knew where to look I could check to make sure the ground and the hot wires were connected. Is it connected to the battery under the sofa? If anyone can help I would appreciate it.


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Re: radio problems

Find a good ground point and then check the voltage between every wire coming into the radio and that point. It could be that you have blown a fuze in the radio supply wire; is there a 12v fuze block in the RV? Have you checked all those fuzes to ensure none are blown?