Ramco Mirror Switch Assembly

I am looking for a Ramco Sideview Mirror Switch Assembly, PN: 088246-01-000. It's a 4 way momentary switch with a left/right selection in the middle of it. Any help would be appreciated.
Ramco Mirror Switch Assembly

Have you tried calling Ramco directly? I recently had to replace the upper movable mirror due to breakage and called Ramco on the 800 number in their literature. Person on phone was very courteous and helpful with suggestions and technique for replacement. Result new mirror next day via UPS and installed a short time later. Sorry I don't have 800 number right at hand but can get it if necessary. Good luck.
Ramco Mirror Switch Assembly

Ramco's phone number is 800 321 4819. regular number is 219 294 7691. Good luck with the switch search. As I said they were most helpful