Raptor 3612 ds

I recently purchased a used 2006 raptor with a 5.5 generator. Can anyone tell me if the air conditioning is suppose to be functional with the generator in use only. A/C works fine with shore power
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Thanx for the update. I continue to stuggle trouble shooting why the two AC lites on the slide, ceiling fan and A/C don't work with the generator. All work fine with shore power.


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Does anything work from the generator? If not, then the generator breakers may have tripped or the transfer switch may be stuck. Or it might be something really expensive wrong with the generator...


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I think u'r unit should have a tranfer switch butttttttttt,,, u never know what they snuck in in the last part of production,,, I would ck and see if there is a plug near where u store u'r shore line ,,, if there is ,, plug u'r shore line into it and see if the a/c's work now,, if not then as others suggested ck the breakers and listen to hear the transfer slam over to gen power side,, (that;s why years ago they used to call them slam boxes instead of transfer switches ) :eek:
But anyway ck those out and post us back :)
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The mirowave and duplex outlets work fine. I've checked the two Generator breakers and connections a the circuit breaker panel and juction box by the Generator set and all are good and tight. I haven't found the transfer switch at this point and time. However I can her it slam shortly after starting the Generator. I'llhave the wife start it so I can listen for it close. Thanx for the help!!