Rasing trailer

mister g

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Need information on turning axles below springs. Shoud raise my unit about 5 inches. I need the clearance to go down driveway. Very steep with breakover at top. New truck old fifthweel,23foot. When hitched 6 inches high from level in front. Not unlivable but liftwheels at rear of unit are 4 inches from road. Not enough clearance for mountain camping. Any information appreciated.


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Rasing trailer

What information do you need? Sounds like you need to do something. Not only are there clearance concerns, but towing that far from level is not good. Not only does it not tow as well as towing level, but your refrigerator may not operate correctly. Plus, with that degree of tilt, you probably won't want to use the trailer without unhooking and leveling, making 'lunch stops' and other such quickies impractical.

Your options are to raise the trailer ('flipping' the axels is the most effective way), lower the hitch (making sure not to get the trailer too close to the bed rails), raise the pin (usually not practical) and/or lower the truck (also usually impractical). Or get a bigger trailer to complement the bigger truck :)