Ratings for quality


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I have spent the summer looking at 5th wheel campers and finally bought a Jayco 26 foot camper with a slide out. My question is this? Is a Jayco a good quality camper? I have never been able to find ratings for quality and finally bought one anyway. I mean, there must be quality ratings somewhere out there. I have been very frustrated by the lack of ratings. I like to buy quality products and have a feeling this varies widely in RVs. Thanks for any comments or help in this matter :cool:

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Ratings for quality

Hi aquacanis, welcome to the forum, Jayco is an excellent middle of the road RV mfg. well built good quaility control, a general alround good mfg. They have their high line models and lower units also. I'm sure you'll find the Jayco will serve you well, happy camping.
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